Ambiguity in Assignment Language

Hi Everyone –

I’m always concerned about misrepresenting the work we are doing, so after being told that I mistakenly didn’t ask the class to complete the assignment for this week, I double-checked. The language of the assignment is as follows:

“Please read the questions below. Choose the four questions that you feel that are most relevant to your own individual experience. Write one well-developed paragraph in response to each question. The most important part of this assignment is providing thoughtful answers to the questions below. Please combine your paragraphs into one document that you have printed out for class.” (empahsis added)

Given that my other 3771 class had no trouble understanding when this assignment was due, I mistakenly assumed that it was clear, especially because in the syllabus it is listed as being due.

If it is not clear that I expect work to be completed on time and done well, now is the time and place to have a discussion about what needs are not being met as I communicate to you the importance of having your work done and handed in on time. I may need a little bit of help making that case to you, so if you have any ideas, please share them here. I’m taking them all in good faith.

Let’s get this worked out. Post your response below.

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3 Responses to Ambiguity in Assignment Language

  1. Jumary says:

    I believe the confusion stemmed from the syllabus. Due to there being a two week interval between our class meeting. The dates and week number weren’t adding up.

  2. Okay, so we need to check for the differences between the first paper syllabus that I handed out, and the updated syllabus on OpenLab. Perhaps that is where the confusion is stemming from. We can do that first thing.

    See you all tonight!

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