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showpiece research project


The theme of this candy showpiece is Peacock. It is made by Andreas Schwarzer who is the pastry arts instructor at School of Hospitality and Tourism at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary. The flowers that show in the picture are made with pastillage. Pastillage is a kind of sugar paste that looks similar to gum paste. The other things are made by pulling and casting sugar. It is a similar technique that we made in class. It is a high showpiece. The chef used clear casting sugar to make the ball stay between the two black things. It looks very elegant and it seems like the ball is flying in the air. In this showpiece, the chef using clear, yellow and black color to make the showpiece. I do like this showpiece. To me, it looks simple, nice and neat. But I think, it didn’t connect to the theme that much.

This showpiece is made by Liz Innes. It posts by the lady on twitter. On Twitter, her post said, “My pastillage and pulled sugar showpiece #sugarshowpiece #pastillade #swan #butterfly”. According to her words, the theme of this showpiece is swan and butterfly. The chef also used pastillage and pulling sugar to make the piece. This piece is looking like butterflies are flying on the swan and the swan is swimming somewhere near the flowers river. To me, this is a beautiful and sexy swam. The chef using white swam and pink butterflies and red flower. It looks beautiful and the color is balanced out. it looks very elegant and a sexy swam. So I love this showpiece.

This showpiece is made by a chef who calls Arianna Turdie. She posted this showpiece on her website. This chef made a lot of sugar and chocolate showpieces because she posted a lot of pictures on her website. She was inspired on the baking show on TV and decided to go to hospitality school. She started to work in the hospitality industry after graduating from school in 2014. This showpiece also using pulling sugar to make it. This is a very detail showpiece. It has a lot of detail things such as fishes, ocean water, plants, and seashells. I like this showpiece because it looks like real fishes swim in the ocean. The color of everything looks like real nature.

This showpiece is made by a chef who is called Stephane Treand. He is a teacher and people can book the classes online. He teaches people how to make personal chocolate showpiece. The picture above looks very detail. It is a very old fashion clock. It shows inside of the clock and shows how the clock is working. He using the tempered chocolate technique to make this showpiece. The color also matches the theme of the old fashion clock. I do love this showpiece because I love old things and it is a very detail showpiece.

This showpiece is made by the chef Joe who won the Cake Wars Christmas before and is an instructor in ISAC. This is what he made for his Valentine Chocolate Mini-Showpiece class. It is a very sexy heart showpiece. It looks like two people dancing in the middle. It does match the theme of Valentine. He made this showpiece by using the tempered chocolate technique. The color and the detail of this showpiece match the theme. Even though I do not look up the theme, I also think it is a showpiece that related to Valentine. I do love this showpiece. It is very simple but elegant and sexy.


Modern Amenity Project

Chocolate Showpiece. Theme: Singing in the Rain. Techniques: Modeling Chocolate for curls representing the rain, shoe laces. Molded chocolate spheres were used for the blue “rain drops”. The colors used in this piece are mainly rustic and dull colors giving it a vintage feel, except for the blue which is used to represent the rain. A problem i think i would have encountered is being to glue everything together such as the vest on the pole or the tilted hat. I like this piece because the theme was easily recognizable however instead of directly stating the theme they alluded to it through the use of the hat, rain, the light pole and shoes.


Chocolate Showpiece.
Theme: Steampunk Techniques: Molded and Sculpted/Cut out chocolate When it comes to color on this piece there isn’t much variation, just different shades of brown. However, i think this works well with the theme and allows you to focus on the fine details of the piece rather than the color. The first thing to catch your attention is the large clock in the middle covered with small gears. As you move closer you can begin to notice the smaller details that really contribute to the whole theme, such as the googles on the bottom., the chain in the back and the hat. If i were to make this show piece i would struggle with the placement of all the pieces since there is so much.

Chocolate Showpiece.
Theme: Vikings Techniques: Molded Chocolate, Dusting This piece is very vibrant not just in color but also in its shape. I was amazed seeing how they were able to make the waves support the ship. I also like how this piece seems to only have few key items rather than a bunch of smaller pieces. The colors on this piece work well with eachother and help to paint a picture. One of my biggest struggles with this piece would be the making of the sails or the waves because it seems so intricate.

The assembly of this piece would have been very difficult for me because the weight of the caterpillar would offset the stems balance and would have to be balanced out with something on the other side. I would have also struggled with making the curls for the flower.

Sugar Showpiece
Theme: Bugs/Nature
Techniques used: Pulled Sugar for flowers, Casting sugar for flower stem, Blown Sugar for Caterpillar The assembly of this piece would have been very difficult for me because the weight of the caterpillar would offset the stems balance and would have to be balanced out with something on the other side. I would have also struggled with making the curls for the flower. The colors are very simple sticking with red green, yellow, and hints of white and they compliment eachother. I like the piece because the caterpillar is very enticing. I like how the first thing to catch your attention is the caterpillar but then there is movement following the stem leading to the flowers and mushrooms.

Sugar Showpiece
Theme: Winter I like this showpiece because it is simple however it is able to convey a theme. I also enjoy seeing the penguins and how each one has a different expression. If i was constructing this my main issue would be making the penguins. It seems that the penguins are blown sugar but i would have difficult keeping the color even, seeing as there is two colors used on the penguins.