Miao Miao’s Advice for Coping with Life during the Pandemic

Miao Miao offers the following strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1) Get plenty of sun while staying indoors. And take a nap.

Miao Miao soaks up the sun's rays while taking a nap.
Miao Miao soaks up the sun’s rays while taking a nap.

2) Practice meditation and mindfulness. And take a nap.

Miao Miao enjoys a meditative nap.
Miao Miao enjoys a meditative nap.

3) Keep your body limber with a daily stretch and exercise routine. And take a nap.

Miao Miao passed out stretching under a lamp.
Miao Miao passed out stretching under a lamp.

4) No matter where you might be or what might be going on, reserve time for yourself. And take a nap.

Miao Miao makes the best of a bad situation to take a nap.
Miao Miao makes the best of a bad situation to take a nap.

According to Miao Miao, you can’t go wrong by taking a nap!

Robot and Cat Friends Bridge the Distance

Because Yufang and I were unable to attend the wedding of friends in Taiwan, we made this short, silly video eight years ago for them. Looking back, the video reminds us of happier times before we had to stay at home to protect ourselves and others, and it resonates with the desire most of us have to remain connected with those we care about despite the distances involved. Today, I imagine folks are making their own silly videos to relieve anxiety and connect with their loved ones.

In the video, our faithful robot, Robie Sr., and our loyal cat, Miao Miao, help us deliver a message of good luck to our dear friends.

Since parts of the video are in Mandarin Chinese, this is a rough translation:

Robot: “Miao Miao, you must give this secret message to Jason and Yufang. You are our only hope.”

Miao Miao: Nods in agreement, takes the message, and carries it to Jason and Yufang.

Jason and Yufang: “We wish our friends Iris and Raymond the very best of luck and a thousand years of happiness!”

Live Streams of Cute Animals

Today’s Comforting Content comes at the recommendation of Sharanya Dutta, who teaches composition at Baruch College.

She’s been finding comfort in watching live feeds of animals in zoos and aquariums that are currently closed to the public. Watch the animals, swim, eat, sleep, play, and more.

Georgia Aquarium (includes ongoing streams for sea lions, otters, a beluga whale, jellyfish, alligators, and various species of fish)

Home Safaris with the Cincinnati Zoo 

The Cincinnati Zoo does a livestream from their Facebook page featuring a different animal every day at 3pm Eastern. You can also view the videos from past events on their YouTube channel, and the Home Safari page includes information and educational activities– if you live in a home with children, consider doing some of them together!


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