Spring daffodils

Maybe you’ve noticed that it’s full-on daffodil season in New York right now.

Urban daffodils” by James Petts via Flickr

These happy yellow flowers are always a welcome reminder that Spring. Is. Here. But also that there is an incredible diversity of form in nature. A favorite place to see this live is the conservatory gardens in Central Park at 103rd Street and Fifth Avenue. But in case we can’t all get there, a little gallery of daffodil variety courtesy of Flickr!

Daffodils” by Martha Heinemann Bixby via Flickr

Daffodils” by Tejvan Pettinger via Flickr

Daffodils” by Jeff Hart via Flickr

Daffodil” by Steven Lilley via Flickr

Daffodil” by Samantha Forsberg via Flickr

Daffodils” by Mandy Jansen via Flickr

Any favorites among this group? If you’re out and see any you like, please share in the comments!

Spring snowdrops

Since it’s spring, I thought it would be nice to share some of what makes spring comforting to me–all the flowers! Especially the ones that tell us spring is on the way. The first flowers up are usually snowdrops.

Snowdrops” by Helen@Littlethorp via Flickr

This looks like a great place to stop for a rest, enjoy a picnic, or to soak up some sun before a long, meditative walk.

This Spring Break, I’m finding a little bit more time to (safely) get out and walk, explore how things are changing to really declare that spring is here.