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Project 3 Proposal

Please complete the Project 3 Proposal by Monday. Look around. Find some similar examples (mentor texts!) to use as models!

Here is a link:

HW 8 – Berliner

Read “School Is Killing Curiosity” by Wendy Berliner and write a response to the questions below:

  • What is something you were interested in when you were a kid? Are you still interested in that topic? How did asking questions help you learn more about that topic?
  • If so, how has your curiosity changed and grown over the years? And what role did the educational system play in your curiosity (good or bad)? 
  • If you are not interested in this topic anymore, what do you think happened to that interest? Do you remember the specific time you LOST interest?  What did you become interested in instead (and why?)
  • What did you think of this article? Be honest!   

HW 5 – Malcolm X

Homework 5: “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X




  • What did you think of this text? Explain! 
  • What is it mostly about? Write a 2-4 sentence summary. Be specific. Refer to the text itself. Use quotes even! 
  • What motivated Malcolm X to learn to read?
  • What does Malcolm X mean when he said from his prison cell, “I had never been so truly free in my life?”
  • Why do you think Malcolm X wrote this article? Who do you think is his intended audience?
  • How is Malcolm X’s literacy narrative similar to or different from those of Tan and Vargas?
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