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Week 0 Lectures: Quick Intros to Functions & Fields

The first set of lectures (Week 0, since as we know python list are indexed starting with 0!) has little to do with actual linear algebra, but instead gives you quick intros to two central concepts: functions and fields: The … Continue reading

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How To Get Started: Python Programming Labs

So if you’re ready to get started “coding the matrix” here’s what you should do first: Spend a few minutes skimming through the course overview, and spend 20 minutes watching Professor Klein’s 2-part Course Introduction videos. Go to the course … Continue reading

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Welcome! (+ answers to a few FAQs)

Welcome! This is the CityTech OpenLab website for an informal workshop/study group associated with the Coursera MOOC Coding the Matrix, which is running this summer from July 1 til August 23. Let’s start with a few potential FAQs: What’s a MOOC? … Continue reading

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