Culmination Project

Chen Xin Lin 

Modding Halo Custom Edition Multiplayer Map


Project Description:

My project is going to be modding a multiplayer map, Deathisland, in Halo CE (Custom Edition). What I’m going to do is add a variety of AIs that would fight each other. The Player can join in either on the Red or Blue to dictate the battle. And mostly to have casual fun without going too serious with other players. The reason why I want to do this is that I have not enjoyed online multiplayer quite as much as it is too intense for me to play online. I prefer playing the campaign by myself as it is not possible to play against/with AI in multiplayer in Halo Combat Evolved. But with Halo Custom Edition (PC version of Halo Combat Evolved), it is possible to add AIs into multiplayer maps with unlimited respawn both for the player and AIs. There is also one thing that makes Halo CE more enjoyable and that is adding, normally, uncontrollable vehicles into the game. This is the thing I was hoping for when I said I want to do Game Design in College; as modding Halo Custom Edition requires almost all the same things as creating a new game in Unity. Things such as creating the levels/maps using 3D Modeling, scripting, triggers, trigger volumes, tags (in this case assets), and AIs/weapons properties (damage, distance, speed, and etc both for the player and enemy). 


Using MS paint to lay out how the encounters would go. 

Trial and error approach

Project Deliverables: 

A Multiplayer map with a variety of AIs and Vehicular engagement. 


Required Resources:


Halo Custom Edition 

HEK(Halo Editing Kit)

  1. Sapien
  2. Guerilla

HEK+ (Halo Editing Kit Plus) 

*3DS Max 2012 or lower (require for creating a new single player and multiplayer maps)

CMD prompt (Admin)

*JMS Exporter

*It is not needed in this case.


$0 as all of the required resources are free. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. Project Description
  2. Methods
  3. Project Deliverables
  4. Schedule 
  5. Required Resources 
  6. Budget

Presentation Link

In order to play this modified map that I have created, you need to install Halo CE on the laptop. Therefore, it is not a standalone game file, meaning that getting the .map file on its own is useless unless you have Halo CE installed; I’m not going to include a download link for it. In any case, if you go to such lengths just to play it then you can email me at to request the .map file. Thank You.