Urban Planning- Cory Breegle

Roosevelt Island is arguably one of the more isolated areas in New York City, having a completely different atmosphere than the majority of Manhattan. Technically belonging to Manhattan, Roosevelt Island, which was designed by the office’s of Philip Johnson and John Burgee, was designed in three phases.

Phase 1: known as Northtown, consisting of the WIRE buildings (Westview, Island House, Rivercross, and Eastwood), where Rivercross is a co-op and all the others are rental units.

Phase 2: funded mostly by Federal Housing financing, the property utilizes Section 8 housing program to allow lower income families to live in the units.

Phase 3: Known as Southtown, or the Riverwalk, is still under construction and was designed by SLCE Architects, Gruzen Sampton LLP, and Costas Kondylis and Partners LLP. The Riverwalk will have 9 buildings when completed, all used for residential, with commerce on street level.



Riverwalk on Roosevelt Island




Cory Breegle

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