Description on Roosevelt Island Tsering Gurung

Roosevelt Island is narrow island where its located between Manhattan Island to its west and the brought of queens of Long Island east.  The total area of the Island is 147 ares and the population of the people living there is around 12,000. It is a very expensive place to live in, mostly people who are  rich can afford to live there. Because, the house rents for one bedroom is more than 2,000 which demands less people living in these area. The population of people has not been increasing rapidly throughout the year.  The building that were built in Roosevelt Island was around 1835 and it called the octagon which represents as the metropolitan hospital building. This building was closed in 1955, leaving the building abandoned. After many years of decay, as well as two fires that nearly destroyed the building, the Octagon was renovated and turned into a residential building. Its the history, From 1916 to 1957, a trolley that ran across the Queensboro Bridge stopped mid-bridge so passengers could alight on the island, said Judith Berdy, the historical society president. They descended by elevators inside a nine-story storehouse. To board the trolley, passengers entered kiosks in Manhattan or Queens. In 2007, the society moved and restored one of those terra-cotta structures, opening it as a visitor center on the site of the storehouse, demolished in 1970 to make way for the tram. (




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