How to Give a Good Critique

The art of giving and receiving criticism:

As you progress in your academic and professional careers, you will learn to love those moments when someone gives you a fresh, informed and fair perspective on your designs The better you are at giving and taking criticism, the better your work will be in the end.

You may have experienced unfair or rough crits in the past, which is unfortunate and unnecessary. Take this opportunity to really dig in and learn to love the process. It will only make your work stronger!

In giving critiques, please remember the following:

  1. Make sure you understand the project before you start critiquing
  2. A critique is not a proof-read: this is about really coming to understand a design, not looking for typos.
  3. Good and bad are not the same as what you like or don’t like. The critique is about the work and the person who crafted it, so be sure to separate your personal preferences from your examination of the work.
  4. Talk about what it is as much as what it isn’t: tell the designer what you think s/he has accomplished as well as what may be missing. Be specific and respectful.
  5. For every negative comment, try to give 2 positive ones. Alternate your feedback so you are giving a balanced mix.
  6. Talk about the next moves the designer could take.

In receiving critiques, please remember the following:

  1. Close your mouth and listen. After you have stated the purpose of your site and the goals you have for this critique, say nothing. No explaining mistakes, no attempts to cover what is in front of the group.
  2. If something someone has said is not clear, ask questions to clarify the point.
  3. If the critique wanders, remind the group of the goals.
  4. Ask people to suggest changes that would address the criticism. You are here to find out how to make this design the best you can.
  5. Not every good criticism can be addressed: you are here to get what is valuable and leave the rest. Be respectful to all the opinions people offer you and act on what helps in the most pertinent way.

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