Enterprise Network Management.

Enterprise Network Management By Richard “Zippy” Grigonis.
In the article, similar to the one on The Cognitive Net, Richard points out the need for a smarter network, for the enterprise standpoint, one that is reliable, intelligent and delivers content in real time. Unlike the article on cognitive net, Richard gives specific technologies being used to make the network smarter.
Richard point out techs, such as eTelemetry, that develops products that turn passive networks into intelligent networks. It does this by providing a “people layer” or exact name and location behind ip addresses. Such a service can lock IP phones to a specific switch; the system can then query a user before the phone can be used.
The article stresses the fact that present IP practices are time consuming and costly and that if the system could be more autonomous it would ease the problems faced by Enterprises, not only in better time management, but also in reliability and productivity.
Both articles stress the need for smarter networks, one that monitors, conditions and repair itself autonomously with little or no intervention form the Enterprise personnel.

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