The project “Where My Girls At?: Bringing Black and Latinx Girlhood from the Margins to the Center” addresses the invisibility, misrepresentation, and devaluing of Black and Latinx girlhood that continues to suffer from the exclusion of their experiences in both popular culture and scholarship. This project is a cross-disciplinary effort spanning several departments, including the Department of African American Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program, English Department, Human Services Department, and the Humanities Department.

Project Personnel:

Sandra Cheng, Associate Professor, Humanities

• Mery Diaz, Associate Professor, Human Services

• Renata Ferdinand, Professor and Chair of Department of African American Studies

• Ruth Garcia, Associate Professor, English

• Laura Westengard, Associate Professor, English, and Gender & Sexuality Studies

Institutional Partners include:

African American Studies Department, English Department, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program, Human Services Department, Humanities Department, City Tech College of Arts and Sciences, Hispanic Serving Institution Committee (HSI), Student Government Association, The DNA Center, Early College Liaison Offices