Below is the list of skills I obtained as a dental hygiene student at NYCCT:

  • Certified in CPR and Mandated Reporter
  • Ability to thoroughly review a medical history with the patient
  • Extensive extra and intra oral examination to rule out any abnormalities and for oral cancer screening
  • Thorough dental exam to detect any cavities or other dental issues
  • Periodontal probing to evaluate health of the gingiva and bone
  • Educating patient about oral health and providing home care instruction based on their individual needs
  • Oral prophylaxis
  • Deep scaling and root planning using ultrasonics and a wide variety of hand scalers
  • Expose and develop radiographs (FMS, Bitewing, PA, PAN) both film and digital
  • Engine Polishing & Air polishing
  • Fluoride treatments (varnish, foam, and gel)
  • Applying Oraqix and topical agents(Benzocaine 20%)
  • Administer local anesthesia infiltrations
  • Administer Nitrous oxide
  • Sealant placement using rubber dam and/or cotton rolls
  • Experience with patients of all ages
  • Taking alginate impression and pour up models
  • Arestin placement and evaluate pocket depths
  • Periodontal dressing application


Achievements/ Awards

2015 – A member of The NationalĀ The NationalĀ SocietyĀ of Leadership and Success

2014 – Queens College High Honors in Psychology

2008 & 2009 – Korean American Scholarship Foundation Scholarship recipient