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GIFS Project



vivian-b¬†This is my girlfriend playing¬†rubik’s cube.

brian   This is Brian. He is my favorite employee.


charlie¬† ¬†This is Charlie. My first dog. He is a pomeranian, he’s 2 and a half years old.



kiana   This is Kaina. The footage was taken on her birthday in a Korean BBQ place in queens.


Sound Short Paragraph

I think the music ”¬†La Vie En Rose”¬†¬†in the first two video are very effective.¬†“La Vie En Rose” was written and sang by a french singer Edith Piaf. It was translated into english version at the late 1997.

The first two video used the same type of sound track with different moving image. It get to my attention when showing the “Wall-E”. I started to pay more attention close to the lyric and the melody. As the melody goes round and a round, it really connect it to the audience like me.

The third video was¬†¬†a different version of “La Vie En Rose”. I have to said , that video didn’t trigger me. I think maybe because I’m not too familiar with the melody of¬†¬†La Vie En Rose, so it didn’t got me. But, as we know, this commercial is targeting France audience, it still is a very effective soundtrack to choose from.

Over all, I think each video is really strong. This first one is like a photo base music video, the second one is the sound track use in the movie; and the last one is a commercial full of baby crying.  Second one is really good. I think maybe to french people they will think is Effective.

Rebranded Logo Essay

Android robot


The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Android robot was created in 2007 by Irina Blok a designer at Google. Inspiration came from the bathroom doors. When Google told her to create an logo for the company’s mobile that has to includes a robot. I really like this logo because I think this little green robot engaged with people really well. By having the eye and the antenna it really shows the cuteness. I think this logo has that simplicity in it. It shows robot as the technology and human like us are combined.

images url

Bathroom sigh                                    Draft before Android robot was choose

On the other hand, people have been talking about that the Android logo was adapted from another design source. An video game called ‚ÄúGauntlet‚ÄĚ.

Citation :

This is me*

This is the first post and it’s also a comeback announced for me to finally come back to school. Being able to dream is an¬†extraordinary ability. When people gets older, they ought to forget what’s their dreams, goals and achievement. sometimes, people, like myself just stop to believe and have fait anymore.

7 years ago, I made a choice to come to New York; where I was born but never had a chance to stay longer than a year. ¬†I came here to finish my dream, at that time my dream was to be an director; movie director to be exact. I was working in the TV studio back in my country Taiwan as a TV program editor’s assistant. What I do in my field is to fix the screen. Edit clip by clip to finish whole scene of a TV show or a 30 second promo. I work in the TV industry for almost 3, days and night.

Little did I know, my boss pays her employee by degree. For example, If someone had a hight education degree than me, even thought he or she doesn’t know how to work the software or doesn’t have the knowledge about editing system, he or she ¬†will get pay more than me in the beginning. Also, the company treat them better just because they have a BA. At that time, I was a drop out from Art high school in my country.

After I quit, i decided to come back to New York. A place I feel ¬†familiar with. I went to¬†LaGuardia Community College to get my G.E.D I also join their¬†associate degree program. My goal was get accept it to NYU. New York University has always be my dream and my number one. During that period of time, I even attend a few of NYU’s transfer student program and meeting. But, like I said, we ought to forget or ignore what we want the most and just leave it behind. Until one day, you feel like you are too far away from your dream, and you just sits there and doing nothing. Let your life get wasted.

This year, 2016, I decide to drag myself back to school while I have left the school for 3 or 4 years. My goal for now is to learn as more as I can and draw everyday. I hope I can get closer of what I was reaching for 10 years ago. Edit a film , shot a film or even do more and return to my community to this lovely place – New York City.

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