Throughout my time at Brooklyn college I would say I was probably overly critical of my work. I wanted every piece to be stellar in some way, and wanted to create pieces that were portfolio worthy, as well as pushed me to try new techniques. The thing about working within a specified identity system is you don’t always get to do that. Having to pare back my designs to be less exploratory was a big lesson I learned, but it was not an easy lesson to learn. 

Paring back work usually meant endless iterations over several weeks which meant feeling like I wasn’t doing great work for my client. I also over devoted my time to these projects because of wanting to deliver stellar work, which probably wasn’t necessary and in hindsight I would tell myself not to do. Of course this is an inside out view of how I experienced these revisions and was probably not indicative of how my work was received. I think from an objective point of a view I communicated clearly, worked hard, and tried to be helpful wherever possible. 

I did hit a few major snags along the way in regard to one project but being open about limitations has made even this easy. All in all I think that I’ve been helpful at least somewhat to Brooklyn College overall, and at the end of the day that’s all you can ask for. 

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