Personally I don’t use very much project management software. I find it to need constant touching to accomplish simple tasks that I can do with pen and paper. For my personal use I prefer to use the bullet journal method. The bullet journal was is an analog form of task management software that was created by Ryder Carrol. The method is simple. You list your tasks on a piece of paper (ideally in a notebook dedicated to this practice) and each task gets a box. In the box you mark one of three things. A check mark signifies that the task has been completed, an X signifies that the task went uncompleted or has been deemed irrelevant, and an arrow pointing right means that the task has been pushed to a later date. You can also use space underneath the task to write in any important details or to chunk the task into smaller details. I always keep a notebook with me in my backpack or near my desk to keep track of tasks. However, I am no stranger to task tracking software. 

A picture of my bullet journal

Of the task tracking software available, I do enjoy Trello. Trello is a simple to use web based software. There are three columns. To Do, Doing, and Done. You can list your tasks, and see which ones involve collaboration from other members, and color code things to break them out into separate categories. The To Do’s go on individual cards which can easily be moved between the three columns, and can also be annotated with due dates, checklists, and other useful tags. This software is very popular among tech companies as there is a lot of remote collaboration. 

Screen shot of a Trello board

I am also big on Pinterest. I find it incredibly helpful to find interesting design solutions for whatever I’m working on. As I am new to design (not art) I don’t have a deep well of inspiration to pull from innately, so I rely on the internet. Pinterest is good because I can throw just about any topic at it and there will be something interesting even if it comes from fiverr. Currently I keep several boards based on which classes I am taking, but if I have freelance work I create boards based around those topics. 

A screenshot of my pinterest boards

Logistically, I find that it takes the same amount of energy to go to a website and click and type as it does to pick up a pen and write. I’m never away from my backpack so I always have my journal with me and because I am carrying it I feel the weight of it and am constantly reminded to use it. Even though I always have my phone with me I find that mobile interfaces are sometimes more trouble than they’re worth, especially when you have to worry about mobile connections on the subway. That said if you’re into managing your tasks via tech Trello is a great software to do so. 

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