Networking Event – Adobe Max

I attended Adobe Max for my networking event. Adobe Max went from October 26 to the 28th. I attended a presentation on the 28th and dabbled with the website the days prior, getting to know the site. I was very confused with the user interface, to be honest. It was quite confusing to me and there was so much to see. I even went to YouTube to try and watch it there live and I read live comments that expressed the same thoughts I had. They had also come to YouTube for the same reasons that I had come for. So, I figured out the site enough to watch a tutorial session titled Advanced Compositing for Brands, Photography, and Type – L369 hosted by Aaron Nace. It was great! Honestly, I learned some great new tips and tricks to try out in photoshop. I also learned things that I had no idea about. This tutorial displayed some new things that have come to photoshop and how-to of course utilize them to work smarter not harder. There was a commenting board, no q&a. But the commenting board was so helpful honestly. I made comments and asked questions and some people even answered me back! I even replied to other comments. I felt like a part of a brotherhood lol. They were just as interested and excited about the information as I was.

This was not my first-choice event, but I am so, so glad that I was able to figure out the site enough to be able to attend this event. It connects to another class that I am taking right now. Senior Project. We were speaking about mockups and how to make them more personal and this showed me how to do it. How to create my own mockups. I can’t wait to test the tutorial out. I didn’t do the tutorial, I just watched and participated as I can just watch it again later if I want. A fellow viewer even pointed me to a downloadable pdf of the tutorial which was beyond helpful and left me beyond grateful. I felt heard and like a part of the community.

I followed the speaker on LinkedIn as I felt a little shy to connect with him lol. I hope that counts. Basically, there were three-four parts to the tutorial but generally included making some kind of mockup using masking. Part 1 was placing a banner in-between a man and his background. Part 2 was creating a sign mockup. Part 3 was creating a coffee bag mockup and part four was a skincare product composition mockup.

Moving on, I want to talk about another reason why this session was beneficial to me. It reminded me that I really need to work on my understanding of masks. I don’t really know it well lol. I learned how to use them in another class or two during my associates’ program. But I ultimately forgot so I usually avoid them. So, this was a great refresher and I see how it would be way more beneficial to use them than what I do now. So, this tutorial session prompted me to look more into masking particularly with photoshop.

In conclusion, I had a great time and wish I could have caught more of the live sessions to truly get that virtual-together experience. Ps. I won a free t-shirt from adobe max just by signing up for the event and that was so cool! I got to pick the design I wanted, and it even included a little bio about the designer and the design along with a picture of them. It was so cool, and I am happy you introduced me to this event professor Goetz as I did not know about it before!