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Second Proposal

User Group: The people who download Park will be able to have satellite navigate free spaces for them to park their cars. Age range varies by state. Example in NYC 16+

Design Problem: Everyday people are spending time looking for parking. Finding a parking spot can become so time consuming it can take up hours of your day leaving you frustrated and late for whatever it is you need to do. Downloading the app Park allows Satellite to search for open parking spots around your destination. Also, as a plus, if any other users have the app downloaded, you will be able to see them pulling out of parking spots giving you a heads up.

Motivation: The motivation and drive behind creating the app Park simply comes from not wanting people to waste time. People should be able to go to work, an appointment, or a restaurant on time without having to circle several times around the block looking for parking, or just missing an open spot.

Solution: The solution would be that having the app Park which navigates open parking spaces for you allows you to see open spaces to pull into rather than looking on your own. Also the app senses when another car who has Park downloaded is pulling out.

Outcome: Millions of people across the United States drive every single day. Downloading Park will allow people to rid themselves of the tedious task of finding a parking spot. And if you are on standby with no parking the app allows you to see others with Park downloaded pulling out in your destination area.

Horizon Concept Document Outline

  1. Executive Summary

1.1. Objective- My game Horizon is a multiplayer game created on Magic Leap technology. The technology contains glasses with a small projector attached to project the 3d images in front of you. Horizon is a multiplayer game the allows users to engage in wizard battles casting spells at each ,other.

1.2. Goals- Goal is to give user a feel of being in every magical movie they saw. Using magic leap technology, the gamer is to feel like they have a complete control over their magic and battle friends. Accompanied by sounds and detailed graphics, gamer should be completely emerged into experience.

1.3. Target Audience- The target audience will be 13 up to 35 due to this game being played indoors as well as outside in open space better judgment is preferred.

1.5.1. Elevator pitch- Now gamers can experience Multiplayer wizard battles in the flesh. Indoors or your favorite park outside, Horizon allows you to experience AR in the most fun, realistic way possible

1.5.2. Core features-Horizon allows you to play in whichever setting you choose

-You can battle up to 3 other players

-Different spells have different beautiful colors and sounds

-you build a status as you continue to win or loose and you are ranked based on that. Everyone in the world playing will have a ranking


  1. Proposed Game Concept

2.1. Overview – Gamers playing Horizon are to feel completely emerged in a magical experience where they see at feel it all around them using magic leap technology. Battling friends gamer will have complete control over magic in a safe way.

2.3. Informing Elements The main informing element was the Harry Potter Kinect game for Xbox-

2.4. Game Synopsis The point of view of Horizon is first person, as you are the one casting your own spells and the genre is fantasy.

2.5. Game Mechanics The Key features of this game is the glasses with built in projector. The reason why that is the only key mechanic is that this game is built on simplicity. Your hands activate the spells and your glasses allow you to see it.

2.6. Game World-The characters are you and your friend/ whoever you are battling. The setting is whatever you choose. Example: Your living room, local park, beach.

2.7. Other Design Considerations -the look will be very colorful and enchanted. Lot of elements of magic. There will be dramatic sounds and swishing with the hand movements.

2.8. Tech Spec the target platform are people between the ages of 13-35


  1. Recommendations

3.1. Suggested Team-Catherine Fernandez – Director, Developer, Sound designer, Graphic artist, Programmer

3.2. Estimated Budget Estimated budget is 100,000,000,

3.3. Rough Timeline Game will take 4 years to make


  1. Appendix


4.1. References – Magic


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