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Over the course of the four years in City Tech, I have been introduced to, and explored in depth, the numerous emerging technologies that have and will become the standard of industries. The various application and skills I have learned spread across the three concentration of the emerging media program: design, tangible and computation. As such, I have chosen a project that demonstrates knowledge in tangible and design but also placing the strongest emphasis on my primary concentration: computation. Going towards a career in video game development, I wish to leave City Tech with a game that I have designed and crafted on my own as a portfolio piece and to explore my capabilities in the various areas of game development. The culmination project I have in mind, is a mechanically straightforward 2D physics based puzzle game that will allow players to interact with the game using the swing of an arm and the movement of the body as inputs and the idea of Square vs Circle is formed.

Creating this game will provide me with in depth knowledge and experience with game engines which share similar design and features thus allowing me to adapt to other gaming engine quickly when I begin working in real studio and development team. This project will test my abilities as I will have to balance the work of developing assets, level designs, scripting the physics based behavior of my game and to integrate the input of the player using tangible device and interfacing with said device. This project, while simple in concept, is a good test and reflection of my newly acquired skills in City Tech and the work leading up to its completion will be apart of my first stepping stone onto a career.