Project Deliverables

As this project is meant to be a game, the game itself will be the main deliverable. The game’s functionality will define its success as it falls under these sets of criteria in each individual feature of the game and its mechanics.

Primary Objective:

  • The game starts
  • The player’s input are taken in and the game reflect as such by the projectile movement
  • The player’s movement correspond with the player square movement
  • The movement path of the projectile is accurate or at least follows the law of physics
  • The circle vanishes upon collision with the projectile.
  • The projectile vanishes upon collision with the rectangular obstacle or hits the wall
  • The projectile can be thrown again if the player collides with the projectile.

Secondary Objective: Objective that are not crucial to the success of the game but serves as additional pieces to promote the entertainment value of the game.

  • If the projectile hit the wall or obstacle three time, the player loses and the game ends
  • If no circle remains on screen, the victory conditioned is triggered and the player wins
  • Additional levels and mechanics: moving circles


Due Date for Main Deliverable: 4/23/2018

Other documentation includes:

Task Title Details Production Windows
Project Proposal Main Documentation, includes:

  • Abstract
  • Methods
  • Deliverable
  • Calendar
  • Resources/Budget
  • Project Agreement


Poster Board Poster Board for poster session 4/2/2018


Tech Manual Technical Manual including game functionality and code mechanic 4/2/2018


Reference List List of reference and documentation for the project. 4/2/2018


OpenLab Porfolio Online portfolio, includes:

  • Documents above
  • Journal/Log Entries