Greater New York Dental Meeting 2017

For our Principles of Dental Hygiene Care course, we had to do a group project about any dental topic of our choice to present at the Wellness Fair at City Tech. My group and I decided on musculoskeletal disorder and how dental professionals can prevent it. It is a very important topic because many people in the dental field experience aches and pains and we wanted to spread awareness on musculoskeletal disorder. We also discussed how doing yoga, getting massages, and acupuncture can prevent and relieve pain from musculoskeletal disorder. My group was one of the chosen ones to represent City Tech at the Greater New York Dental Meeting 2017.


Service Learning Project

For our service learning project, my group and I gave a presentation to a group of 30 students at the Cambria School of Excellence, ranging from 14 to 16 years old. We taught them about cavities and how they are formed, gingivitis, and how they can properly take care of their oral health.

Here is the paper that we did regarding the service learning project: Service Learning Project


Family Head Start Program

Our class went on a field trip to the Family Head Start program in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Head Start programs promote school readiness of children ages birth to five from low-income families by supporting their development in a comprehensive way. We broke off into groups of 5, and we each taught a class proper home care. My group taught a class of 3 year olds how to brush using the Fones brushing technique. We also discussed the importance of preventing cavities and how they can keep their teeth healthy.