Design Journal #18

F-Venn diagram– shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of different sets.  -Wikipedia
I- Diagram that takes unlike topics, putting them together to find a common factor.
VE: Below


F-Simultaneous contrast refers to the way in which two different adjacent colors affect each other. One color can change how we perceive the tone and hue of another when placed side by side.

I-When two colors that are located next two each other alter how we view it.


  F: Texture density: In order to maintain its wonderful illusion of direct and complete perception, the visual system must find ways to efficiently and accurately encode information. This problem seems of particular importance in the perception of visual details, such as textures, which seem to exist in such astonishing variety that their representation appears to have endless dimensionality. Casual introspection suggests that we seem to perceive textures in full detail, but this ‘seeming’ is suspicious. That this seemingly direct perception of texture is an illusion is made starkly evident by the aftereffects of texture density

I: An illusion that creates dimension

VE fig2