Design Journal # 19

F: Proportion:Merriam-Webster

  • an amount that is a part of a whole

  • : the relationship that exists between the size, number, or amount of two things

  • : the correct or appropriate relationship between the size, shape, and position of the different parts of something

I: Relationship between part and whole of composition

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F: Rule of thirds: is applied by aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section. -Wikipedia

I: Creating a flow in a composition by having an equal alignment. Showcasing balance.

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F: Golden Rule (Ratio) 
What do the Pyramids of Giza and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa have in common with Twitter and Pepsi?

Quick answer? They are all designed using the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio. It is commonly found in nature, and when used in design, it fosters organic and natural looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But what exactly is the Golden Ratio and how can you use it to improve your own designs?

What is the Golden Ratio?

Putting it as simply as we can (eek!), the Golden Ratio (also known as the Golden Section, Golden Mean, Divine Proportion or Greek letter Phi) exists when a line is divided into two parts and the longer part (a) divided by the smaller part (b) is equal to the sum of (a) + (b) divided by (a), which both equal 1.618.

I- Creating an equally balanced composition using a mathematical equation.

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