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 What role does technical communications play in your existing communicative life? Note, it would be helpful for you to re-articulate what technical communications means in this context as you discuss this idea.

Technical communication is an integral part of my professional and personal life. It is technical and specialized hence conveys on a diverse and global spectrum to specific, varying levels of understandings. As a student, I am a provider as well as the audience of this type of communication. Instuctions for class assignment or the slides used by my professors during lecture are a form technical communication I often encountered and utilize daily. My assignments, lab reports and even my words here in openlab in turn provides technical communication to an immediate audience.


2. How can a technical communications perspective help you understand how you are connected to others through both technology and culture.

Technical communication communicates on a global scale and connects people from various ethnicities and backgrounds. My smart phone and computer keeps me connected to the world. As a fairly regular participant of social media, such as instagram and facebook, I am connected to many kinds of people from various types of backgrounds, more so now, than I have ever been in the past. Art music, fashion,  creative writing and humanitarianism are a few of the many things I enjoy as a result og technical communication.