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IA Visualization Project


Conquer the mess: A Rhetorical Timescale


I am under besieged by the clamor of life. The demands of school have infringed on my time allotted for the demands of home. Consequently, as a malignant tumor, both forces have converged to form an alliance, to likewise, diminish my sense of well-being.

A captive to this fracas – confronted by the discernable anarchy of events in my life – I am obliged to face the monstrosity – to grapple with the mess or risk being pulled deeper into the pits of despair.

The objective: to be reinstated to a state of equilibrium. By dissecting the dilemma my ideal is to devise a solution, by means of rhetorical timescale mapping, to conceive a future of symmetry and content. I have chosen the Mind Map, Swim Lane diagram, and the Venn diagram for illustration of processes throughout the expedition………………

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IA Visualization Project Final Draft