Project Method


For this project, I plan on using Microsoft office to get a lot of the paperwork done. This includes everything from call sheets to calendars and scripts. On the production side I plan on utilizing three cameras. A Canon Rebel T5i and SL1 and a Sony DSLR. Having three cameras should be better considering we’ll be able to shoot from multiple angles in one take instead of filming the same take from different angles. One of the scenes will be a running scene meaning we will need a steady moving shot for at least two of the shots needed. Which is why I will also be utilizing the Sutefoto handheld stabilizer for my camera which should help limit shakiness in moving shots. As for lighting I will be using two Neewer 160 watt LED Light Kit and a Arri 150 lighting fixture. I will try, to the best of my ability, to use these to mimic multiple kinds of light sources including overhead light and sunlight. As for sound I will be using broadcasting audio equipment I found on amazon which include (but are not limited to) a Vidpro XM-55 microphone, a Trustin portable digital audio recorder, the necessary cables and wind protectors to help better capture audio. I will also be using minor pieces of equipment such as a clap board to help sync audio and video for the editor.

None of which can be done without a cast and crew to help with the shoot. For cameramen I will be filming (as well as directing) alongside my two friends Dondre and Angel, who have volunteered to help and are no strangers to camera work. I will also be using my friend Anthony for lighting set up and grip. As for actors I have my friend Louis and Wes to play the characters in the first scene. The second scene I have asked my friends Frank, Sarah and Anthony again to play the three characters in the scene.