Know your community: twentyone questions

Questions about your community Source consulted
  1. What is your home zip code? 11235
  1. Does your community have a name? If so, what is it?
  • Brooklyn Community Board 15
  1. Who is the President of your Community Board?
  • Theresa Scavo
  1. What is the number of your community board? Briefly state its purpose.
  • 15, have an important advisory role in dealing with land use and zoning matters, the City budget, municipal service delivery, and many other matters relating to their communities welfare.
  1. Who is District Manager of your Community Board?

-Pearl Burg
  1. Who is your current New York City Council Member, what communities does s/he serve, what Council committees does s/he serve on?
  • Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend. Chaim M. Deutsch . Council Commities: Aging, contracts, education, subcommittee Non-public schools (chair), oversight and investigations, public safety, waterfronts.
  1. Who is your New York State Assembly Member?
  • Steven Cymbrowitz
  1. Who is your New York State Senator?
  • Martin J Golden
  1. Who are your U.S senators?
  • Kirsten E. Gilibrand
  • Charles E. Schumer
  1. Who is your U.S Congressional Representative?
    1. What are the basic demographics of your community (total population, gender , age levels, race/ethnicity, income levels, household sizes, educational levels)
    • 117,999 | 47.6% male | 52.4% female | Sheepshead Bay has a typical age distribution, which means it has a large under 20 population and a large middle-aged population (45-64). Proportionally speaking, compared to New York City there are:
    • Fewer college-aged residents (20-24)
    • Fewer young professionals (25-34)
    • Fewer mid-career adults (35-44)
    • More middle-aged residents (45-64)
    • More retirees (over 65 years old)

    || In Sheepshead Bay, 73.00% of people are Caucasian. This is a relatively high percentage of Caucasians for New York City and Kings County. Approximately 18.00% of Sheepshead Bay’s residents are Asian, making it the second most common ethnicity. || Most families (67.9%) in Sheepshead Bay are classified as small, meaning they have two or three members. There’s a higher percent of small families than there are in New York City.

    Only people within the household who are related to the head of the household by marriage, birth, or adoption are considered family members. Additionally, a household may only contain one family for tabulation purposes.

    || Approximately 36.30% of the Sheepshead Bay population has only earned a high school degree. One way to compare education levels is by considering Bachelor’s Degree attainment. Sheepshead Bay has a higher percentage of people with a Bachelor’s Degree than New York City and Kings County, which suggests that this is a well educated neighborhood. Education statistics for Sheepshead Bay only consider the 25 and older population.

    1. What is the health status of your community?
    1. What are the crime statistics for your community?

    61 Precinct (159,528 residents)



    1. Briefly describe the educational/ cultural resources.
    • Brooklyn Public Library, UA Stadium Regal Movies, P.S 52, Kingsborough Community College, Sheepshead Bay High School, Shell bank Junior High School, St. Marks Roman Catholic Church.
    1. Briefly describe the recreational resources.
    • Manhattan Beach, Marine Park, Plum Beach, P.S 52 Park, Floyd Bennet Field.
    1. Briefly describe the religious institutions of your Community.
    • Marks Roman Catholic Church
    1. Briefly describe the financial and business institutions in your community.
    • Chase bank, check cashing place, Silver Star Grocery, Aldi Supermarket, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, City Star Realty.
    1. Briefly describe the infrastructure of your community.
    • A lot of apartment buildings, a lot of trees , streets have pot holes.
    1. Based on your research and walkabouts identify 3 of your community’s strengths or assets:
    • Schooling
    • Recreational Activities
    • Crime rate is low
    1. Based on your research and walkabouts, identify and prioritize 3 issues of concern to you about your community.
    • The streets are “raggedy” and could be fixed
    • Need more environmental friendly materials
    • More safe recreational activities
    1. Human services ethical standards speak about of profession’s concern for individuals, families, communities, and society. Why should human services professionals care about communities and society.


    • Without communities and society, Human Services reps have nothing to focus on. Communities and societies play a key role in the making of a human and sometimes in order for us to analyze a person or dig deeper we have to see where they came from .

    Bianca J Willingham Resume

    Bianca J Willingham Resume

    3090 Voorhies Avenue ● Brooklyn, New York 11235 ● (347)-421-6869 ●

    Bianca J. Willingham


    To obtain a job that I can showcase all of my talents in.


    I am currently employed at Century 21 Department Stores.

    I am experienced in working with computers, working with children, and customer service.

    I have worked in day care centers, clothing stores, and offices.

    Have been an honor roll student since Junior High School.

    I am a very hard worker, any task I am assigned I will do it to the best of my ability. I enjoy criticism because it only helps me do my job more diligently and effectively.

    Professional Experience

    09/01/2010— 03/01/2011
    Kings Bay Youth Center
    Brooklyn, New York


    Help children with homework, provide care for the children in any activity they do, and dismiss children to parents.

    06/2011— 03/2012
    Big M Inc
    Brooklyn, New York

    Sales Associate

    Provide Customer service, clean store (i.e. clothing racks, fitting room, floors)

    12/2011— 02/2012
    Victoria’s Secret
    New York, New York

    Sales Associate

    Provide Customer service, clean store (i.e. clothing racks, fitting room, floors)

    01/2012— 05/2012
    Federal Work Study
    Brooklyn, New York

    Athletic Coordinator

    Collect forms of identification, look after equipment, organize games for several sports, etc.

    07/2012— current
    Century 21 Department Stores
    New York, New York

    Sales Associate and Guest Service Experience Associate

    Merchandise and put out goods delivered daily. Operate in the guest service department for return as well as exchanges. Work cashier using credit/debit transactions as well as cash. Supervise sales floor in absence of a manager. Solicit point cards from guests on a daily basis. File team member schedules as well as availability using programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Create daily Operating Floor Count where team members sign their clocking times.




    09/2007— 06/2011
    St. Edmund Prep High School
    Brooklyn, New York

                High School Diploma

    Honors, 06/2011


    07/2011                                  New York City College of Technology             Brooklyn, NY

                Nursing Major

                Human Services Major (Associate Level Degree) – Graduation 2015





    09/2010— 03/2011
    St. Edmund Prep High School
    Brooklyn, New York

    CPR Certified


    References available upon request.



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