A clarification on “Sketchbook/notes” submissions.

We review your “Sketchbook/notes” four times over the semester [see the class schedule or the dates below]. You should keep up to date with the weekly assignments, so you are prepared for class and do not have a big set of notes to complete at once. You should include notes on your reading and on the lectures. You should also keep a list of useful AutoCAD tricks, key commands, and functions. I will be sharing some examples of good “Sketchbook/notes” submissions in future classes. Please include your own diagrams, and sketches in addition to any written notes you take.

  • Wednesday, 02, 15, 2021 Sketchbook/notes 1of4
  • Wednesday, 03, 22, 2021 Sketchbook/notes 2of4
  • Wednesday, 04, 14, 2021 Sketchbook/notes 3of4
  • Wednesday, 05, 24, 2021 Sketchbook/notes 4of4
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