Utica Ave Finest – Michael

Utica Avenue is one of the most famous road(s) in East New York, with many Fast Foods and other business places with different varieties for all ages. Typography can be seen all around with all five types of family displayed and with a lot of different designs.

In the image above, it’s the logo for the White Caste restaurant and I chose the image because I like the the design of the logo. The type gives out a Old style and Century extended combination. The fonts are really unique and the spacing is not too much or too little, however in my opinion the letter C and a seems to be touching and a little bit of Kerning would make it just perfect. It is readable, however in some cases it could be difficult because some people might not be able to read it at night due to the fact there is not a lot of Bold letters. Overall this is a really nice logo.

In addition, on Utica Ave they have Nail salons, Gas stations and many more that display the five types of families in Typography, so if you’re ever in the neighborhood take some time, explore and enjoy type at it’s finest.

Hi, My Name is Michael

Hi, I’m Michael. I love art, however I’m not such a good illustrator. My favorite color is green and my hobbies are listening to Music, playing Video Games and watching lots of YouTube videos. I also like to watch anime and my favorite anime is Naruto. I’m really easy to talk to and I like making new friends so if you see me don’t be afraid to say hello.

Illustration by Jacky