Faculty and Staff Portfolios

What is a Portfolio?

Each Portfolio consists of both a Site and an associated Profile that are linked to an OpenLab member’s personal Profile.  They are a digital representation of academic and professional interests and achievements that any faculty or staff member on the OpenLab can create.  They might be used, for example, to highlight teaching, research, creative work, and professional service.  See, for example, Professor Jenna Spevack’s Portfolio Site below.

Portfolio Example Screenshot

The Faculty Portfolio Site is set up to loosely follow the Professional Activity Report and Self Evaluation (PARSE) format, but you may use it in any way that suits you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use the Blog section to document your teaching, scholarly, and professional growth to help you formulate your year-end Self Evaluation.
  • Organize the Teaching Portfolio section as an online teaching portfolio and listing of the courses taught.
  • Populate the Institutional Service section each semester with your roles and responsibilities in the Department, College, and University communities.

The Staff Portfolio Site does not have a highly specified template, and you can easily create any pages that are relevant to the content you would like to showcase in your Portfolio.


Similar to Courses, Projects, and Clubs, each Portfolio has a Profile page so that visitors can easily find it by searching or browsing in the Portfolios section of the OpenLab.

Find Portfolios Screenshot

From your Portfolio Profile, visitors can easily access your Portfolio Site.

Visit Portfolio Screenshot

And, you can access both your Portfolio Profile and Site from My OpenLab.

Portfolio My OpenLab Screenshot


What is the difference between a Portfolio and a Project?

Portfolios are intended for a specific use–to showcase the academic and professional work of City Tech faculty and staff.  Projects, on the other hand, are multi-purpose, and may encompass a wide range of uses.  Projects can also be created by individuals or groups, whereas Portfolios are only created by individuals, and are linked to one person’s Profile.