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Harmony at Sea

Royal Caribbean’s newest mega ship, Harmony of the Seas is set to begin its inaugural cruise next month in Europe. The ship will carry 5,479 passengers and 2,300 crew members. This ship represents the next step in total entertainment in cruising, offering adventure-seeker thrills, such as rock climbing, zip-lining, wave-surfing, waterslides; and a Central Park carousel for kids just to name a few. As for the accommodations, the ship’s 1,599 SF, Royal Loft suite is two stories high.

With all the ship has to offer its passengers, will they ever want to go ashore?



Time Management



To be successful in this course you must be able to allocate enough time to do research and write your finding. Some of the problems I’m encountering are re-writes and changes in my thesis. I am finding that my work is suffering when I am under pressure time constraint. So organization and time management are key components to a successful outcome.

I recommend that you try to narrow down your thesis early as this saves valuable time. Your outline is crucial because it’s the structure of your paper. Plan to spend at between 5-6 hours per week on editing, trust me you’ll be reworking your paper. Don’t get discouraged if you get the infamous “writer’s block”, most writers do, just step away for your desk and take a break. Return when you feel a bit more inspired or have figured out a solution to a part of your paper.

Finally, good luck