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Seed Banks

Located in Norway, close to the Arctic, the Svalbard seed bank, stores food seeds from around the world, it is also known as the Doomsday Vault. The food bank is built into the side of a mountain and can withstand weather ans most disasters from bombings to earthquakes. The vault’s aim is to preserve food biodiversity, and of course, food itself. With changing climate patterns, over-farming, and poor soil, it is imperative that we preserve and safeguard our food.





I recently cut out added sugars from my diet, and I can say I felt an immediate difference. I lost weight, my concentration became clearer. Honestly, the transformation in how I feel physically and mentally is astonishing. Sugar made me crave more sugar and at night I would search my pantry seeking out snacks that would satisfy my yearnings. After gobbling up grams of sweet, sweet sugar, its rush had me  buzzing around feeling enegerized. But later when the rush subsided I felt drained, and couldn’t stay focused for long.

Research shows that too much sugar leads to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and probably hyperactivity in children. Added sugars are not sugars from whole foods, but those used in processed or prepared foods, sodas, grain-based desserts, fruit drinks, desserts, and candy.

So the next time you crave that sugary snack, think of what it’s doing to your body.