Hmmm, interesting.

First off, let me start off by saying that for some reason my book is different then all of yours. It’s weird because it’s the same model and everything but with a different font and the pages are all off. For example, for me Chapter 11 starts on page 216, not sure if its the same for you guys but yeah hang in there with me. Anyways,

These chapters have definitely grabbed my attention a lot more then the other chapters. It’s just more intriguing and captivating. We’ve got different wards, we’ve got Connie trying to escape, Skip changing and just a lot going on. “We’re struggling to exist.” (Piercy 197, for me) a quote by Luciente that really stood out to me. What exactly is he/she trying to say? Is the future world that they’re in really not real? It made me think a lot. Then they had the whole demonstration thing with Alice which she was not happy about. In fact she mentions “Motherfucker, you let me up! I ain’t no guinea pig!” (Piercy 203, for me). But chapter 11, and beyond is what really got me into the story. Dolly, ohhh Dolly. How are you just going to give Connie a lousy 10 bucks? I mean she gave the lady at the desk 30, but for her to have, just 10? Atleast she gave her some clothes though but come on. Connie is all messed up in this, she probably needs more then that. I’m sure she has plenty of money with from new white pimp. She doesn’t really help, and she ends up asking Luciente for help and she/she says that the past can’t be interfered. Which I don’t really understand because I can never really tell whether the whole thing is real or not. Are those people even real? Is what Connie seeing even happening? Like what does Luciente mean she says she can’t interfere with the past. If Connie can go in the future then… I don’t know. Then the whole fight with Connie and Sybil seemed pretty cool. I like when I read some action after reading a bunch of depressed stuff. Now Connie finally grew some balls and decides to escape, I like that!

The rest of the chapters really engage me into it. Especially in Chapter 12, how Connie summons Luciente. Which I find so weird. That really shows the science fiction part of this book. She can just summon a person as if it were a yugioh card. Then she used another yugioh card (joking) to summon Dawn who reminds her of her daughter. I wish I could just bring people up whenever I miss them. Another interesting thing that I spotted was when Luciente mentions “They know I’m not real.” (Piercy 247, for me). I find that interesting because how can someone that isn’t necessarily real know that it isn’t real. How can the other people know that he/she even is real or not? Pretty weird. The ending was a nice twist when Connie ends up getting caught without identification and ends up back on her ward. What a shame, after all the pain she went through. I started to see a bright light for her.

“I want to get back into my life.” Said Connie (Piercy 262, for me). Connie is really trying to change. They told her that the only way she can change is if she stays because they are only trying to help her. “We went you to function again, but without risk of committing those out-of-control acts.” (Piercy 262, for me). Connie is desperate after seeing the way Skip changed for the better. Then we really start seeing the whole theme of Technology vs Man again. The doctors really relied on science. They tested on Skip as if he were a lab animal and it apparently failed. We see that Skip had been doing so good that they let him go home to his parents to see how he did in the real world. I read a quote that made me think about what the doctors thought about right away, “Sunday morning early, Skip had slit his throat with an electric knife in the kitchen of his parents home” nothing but pure sadness from failure. Similar to what Jonathon had said, that Skip was nothing more to the doctors then a baffle.

These chapters were really interesting to me because it really showed how the future might actually be real after all. If that’s the case then how can she be summing people from the future. It’s confusing though but I look forward to reading the rest to figure this all out.





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  1. Thats something i found interesting. Here we have Connie, a person who everyone says is crazy, and she is stuck relying on Dolly for help and contact to the outside world. Her only hope is a drug addled whore who is so far gone, she repeats herself over and over, and is doesn’t even take care of her kid. At least Connie had her daughter taken away due to her not dealing with her grief well. Your post really has me thinking about a comparison of the two. They both start out in similar situations, but it seems like Dolly is the one who deserves the life Connie is now stuck with.

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