Death isn’t a breather.

We are now starting to see a little bit more onto how these people are handling death. In Chapter 7, John Isidore begins to reveal on how sentimental even this dying of fake life makes him. Although other people in the shop seem to be un bothered by it. His boss Mr. Sloat actually seems to be not know the difference between a real cat or a fake one and then blames John for killing it. Isidore is terrirfied that he allowed a real animal to die. He then uses the phone to call one of the owners who is devastated over the cats death so even though other people in the shop aren’t heartbroken, atleast someone he calls is.

In chapter 8, Rick gets the demand from inspector Harry Bryant to “retire” (kill) Dave Holden a.k.a. Polokov. Rachel Rosen who is an android and a member of the Rosen Association calls Rick after he enters Polokov’s apartment building and tells Rick that the androids will retired him before he retires them. RIck didn’t care about what she had told him and goes casually upon his business. After Rick uses his standard pistol to wreck through Polokov’s head, he┬áimmediately calls Bryant that Polokov has been retired pretty┬ánonchalantly. He then looks on to see what the next “andy” (android) is ready to be retired. Right away he tries to call his wife that he is optimistic about the fact that he just recieved $1,000 for it.

In chapter 9, Rick was taken into the New Hall of Justice and he begins to realize that the androids are just trying to kill him shortly before he does.

In chapter 10, while Rick is inside the New Hall of Justice he was booked for the crime of not representing himself as a police officer and homicide. One of the officers named Garland looks into Rick’s briefcase and takes out the equipment for the voigt-kampff empathy test (a test that determines whether or not someone is a human or an android). Plus the lists of androids that Rick is scheduled to die. He then finds out that he is indeed not an android. It’s pretty interesting to see how the reactions are after death is present.




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