D-503 seems to be having a difficult time with his dreams and emotions that revolve around I-330 and his WE manuscript. He has started to use his pink coupon time to sit alone and record his thoughts instead of using the pink coupon for his sexual time. This might be the reason why he is having a difficult time managing his life and manuscript at the same time.(pg98) “plunging a sharp sweet needle deeper and deeper into my heart,and we walked together, the two of us-one…” This statement makes me believe that I-330 has his heart and he thinks that they both are meant to be together as one. I think I-330 might not feel the same way and is probably just messing around with him….

(Pg103) “I was alone ….imagine a human finger cut off the whole, from a hand -a separate human finger” although at one point D-503 was at one with the One State now he feels that he is no longer apart of the One state. He feels like he has started to disconnect from this society since he has gotten deeper into writing this book for the unknown readers in a distant part of the universe.

(Pg106) The Letter “I cannot live without you-because I love you. Because I see,I understand” O has poured her feelings into this letter for D-503 to read and from the looks of it he can’t return the same feelings to O. I think that O is weird for writing that letter when she could of just voiced her feelings to him in person. She wasn’t afraid to ask him for a child so why be afraid to express your feelings towards D-503 then?

(pg110) “She I -330, needs someone to think she is with me.And I need her,and what do I care for her”need”. I will not be a blind for someone else-I won’t.” Has D-503 final realized that I-330 probably isn’t into him at all and just needs to use him for her own benefit? Will he still let her use him or will he decline to assist her in what ever she needed from him?

(pg118) “iam afraid that if I lose I-330 , I will also lose what is perhaps the only key to the disclosure of all the unknown quantities….” Is D-503 deeply in love that he will break his concentration of recording this book if he happens to lose I-330? May be he just needs her as guidance for the answers he is searching for.

(pg124) “can’t anyone invent a remedy for this dream -sickness? Or turn it into something rational, or even useful” D-503 dreams hasn’t made sense or helped him figure out anything about his book… He Is aggravated at his dreams just as much as he dislikes the irrational numbers he keeps running into. Maybe if D-503 can accept the irrational numbers as if it’s a rational number maybe he could figure out what his weird dreams are telling him? It might be giving him clues that he will never bother to look into since it seems useless to him, until then he will just be irritated….

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