Reading the story “We” starts off with the main character D-503 who writes all the entries about his life in this book. He seems to want to be friends/ close with any individual who happens to get the opportunity to read this book since he feels that he can’t get anyone else to understand how he feels at the moment. 

“Long live the one state ,long live the numbers…”(pg 2) seems to be the same mentality as the World state in “Brave New World” based off of reading this story so far both societies seem very similar. “As always, the music plant played the March of the One State”(pg 5) is like a brain washing song for the citizens played as a daily routine. I also notice that the citizens don’t have names, instead they have numbers and have a titled position for example D-503 he is the Mathematician of the One State. Another similarity I have come across was that the citizens are scheduled for sexual days based on the individuals needs.

D-503 hasn’t experienced life outside the green walls that he could not “imagine life that isn’t regulated by the figures of our tables”. His Mathematician role makes him think like a machine which can ultimately overload the individual causing issues later on in the book. (Pg11)

D-503 talks to the reader as if he is actually right next to you in person which I find interesting since he tries to make a joke then say it isn’t a joke it’s all a lie if it was a joke on (pg14) ……this shows me that already this character is in a conflict with himself and the society he lives in, since he might be losing his mind slowly in my opinion. 

“The savage, at least had more courage and energy and logic, if only primitive logic” (pg 16) I think D-503 wishes he had the courage to step out of line to explore something new although he has the brains to get started he rather not. This upsets him causing him to make some sarcastic remarks. He feels that it’s nothing but empty thoughts left since he is assigned to his section and there isn’t anything he can do about the situation, which brings him to express his feelings to the outside reader. 

“You are carefully examined in the laboratories of the sexual department….” every citizens gets coupons based on their needs (pg 22) does this act as a drug that they can receive on certain days? I find it weird that they have to use a coupon book don’t they have advance technology? 

“Liberation? Amazing, the extent to which criminal instinct persist in human nature…” this society makes the people believe that freedom isn’t good for anyone since without it there wouldn’t be any crime done. Why would the people think this theory is correct when taking away everyone’s freedom can also be considered a crime from human rights then?

although D-503 is the mathematician why does radical negative one upset him so much? He acts as if it is the end of the world since it is a irrational number… It has to be a better explanation for his anger towards this particular irrational number.

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