on interesting story The machine stops

In the story the machine stop it start off with a boy who seem to be missing his mother, it seems as though he will have done anything to get her attend , so he ask her go come  visited him  because he was not get the love he wanted from his mother by talking to her though the blue plate. In the story theirs this one machine that seems to have control of everything that goes on  an what from the reading kuno wants his mom to realize that the machine doesn’t have a purpose anymore , but to vishti has her heart set differently. Once she arrives at her son cabinet he start to tell her how he is about to be homeless ( to be cast to death) Why she ask… then kuno stated to explain to her how he excape from the community and survive the other world ( little does she know he being working on how to stop the machine) an because of these action he is now going to be homeless. Now he has her right where he wants he with he story about the other world ( I think that he was doing this to get her mind off they fact the world around her is about to crumble) an how he survive the sun and the air their was different from the air they breath until he stumbles out and say the machine stop now she lost for word not know what to believe… cause the one thing she realized o the most has just been vanished. My thoughts is that I think that kuno want to just wanted some love from his mother and the only way he was going to get it was by taking away the one thing she care for more than him. ( some of the details of this story remind me of the movies Mars with Aronald Schwarzenegger jus they at they end the air saved the planet and not kill everyone


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