The perfect Dystopia

As I read this book more and more it clinches me further and further.This world that I’m reading about harshly seems like a possible outcome of the human race.The scene is solidly established with the description of this futuristic laboratory and students being toured around to be familiarized on how exactly their birth process works.

The book describes how a organized party ( more of a government ) has taken control of how humans functions and act in society. They have eliminated natural sexual reproduction by the use of scientific technology and machines to produce offspring. The removal of the female ovaries was a little disturbing and made me fell pity and remorse for them because now couples were not able to decide if they could have kids or not.

Not only is the World State ( the government in control ) in control of the population size but who does what in the society separating them into castes ,Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon are the lower caste and are all engineered from fertilization to be good at their given role in society. As scary as this seems I for one might actually approve of this method , it has solved so many social problems and aspects of life. There is no more poverty in a sense that EVERYONE has a place in society , whether you’re a garbage man or a doctor , when you are born you will be given a purpose to live. You no longer have to worry about how your going to survive in our society . There will be no strive for competition against one another and in turn jealousy and hate are erased.

As much as i have read homelessness and crime have vanished. There almost no such thing as violence because of the use of brainwashing , Hypnopaedia as the book refers too , people know what they want and don’t extend their desires or curiosities any further. For example the Delta caste are taught to dislike books and nature since birth so that they do not create a need for change in their life. The doctors use a harmful method by shocking infants when books and flowers are laid out in front of them. They do this repeatedly for about 200 times until the infants were scared of the sight of books and flowers (nature).

As the students progress more into the labs they reach a section of the lab where the young teens are playing around in a garden naked. They do this so that they grow up being sexually comfortable around others.The person who is touring the students around is interrupted by Mustapha Mond , a world controller , and explains to the students of how the world used to be before implementing the use of reproduction machines. He uses the word “father” and “mother” and “pregnancy”.The students giggle and gasp as these words are not suppose to be used. It makes sense since the use of the reproduction machines the citizens no longer have physical parents. The development of the Brave New World and its plot of a “perfect society” has greatly caught my attention. Can not wait to finish it.

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