||Brave New World 1-5||

After reading the first few chapters of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley , Im still every unclear of the plot of the story. I like how the author has his ideal idea of utopian society of the future, how he divides people not by class but by the caste system. In which he people are categorize by either Alpha Beta Gamma Delta and Epsilon. People in this utopian society don’t get to choose what category they fall in, there given to them by birth in which i i disapprove from. I believe people should grow up to be who ever they want to be, no one should be force to do something or be on someone they don’t want to. In Chapter one , the author explains how each fetus is treated differently depending on which castes state they fall in to. For gamma , deltas and epsilon eggs are shocked so that they are weaken and become less society stable. The Author also explains to use that a person position in the caste system is usually recognize by the type of clothes they wear. For example deltas would wear khaki colored clothes. In Chapter 2 what I found pretty instering was the way they made babies dislike books and flowers. Reading it at first i didn’t understand why someone would do that but as i kept reading it made sense. By creating fear into an object a child would want , it would make them not want it any more. and in the infant nurseries room thats what they did they created fear in the babies by shocking them with loud noises such as alarms sounds while they crawled to the books and flowers. The Author explains that by doing this the babies develop a hatred toward the objects. in which makes them not want them anymore. I find this strategy pretty smart but cruel as well. We are also introduce to two Alpha males Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson. Also to Lenina    a worker in the conditioning centre. Also Henry Foster i really don’t know his position in the centre but he seem to explain the center to the group of kids . I notice while reading that there was a love triangle between Henry Foster and Bernard toward Lenina. Although i believe love is forbidden in this society because no man belongs to no women. One word i got suck on while reading was the word hypnopaedia , while later on i found out it meant learning by hearing while asleep. i was so lost when the Director was telling the story of the little boy who learned while hearing the radio his parents had left on. On page 36 the Director describes Hypnopaedia as ” The greatest moralizing and socializing force of all time” in which really caught my attention. I didn’t even know people could learn while they were asleep. Is this gonna affect the Society since the hole point of stopping delta babies from reading and writing is to that they remain in that caste system? I was getting confused after that. Also the drug soma was introduce although I’m still every unclear what it is, i believe it helps people go to sleep for a long period of time. This book is little hard to understand for the fact that is seems to change from story to story. I look forward to reading more of it .. -Arturo

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