Brave new world ch 1-5

Reading “Brave new world” was interesting so far since it took time to break down the structure of class and rank in this new society that has been built. The concepts of cloning is introduced in the central London hatchery and conditioning centre. This is where the artificial children are produced since natural birth is completely obsolete in this society. It explains how the ranks of children is determined and conditioned at birth so that later on down the road the individual wont rebel against the system and hate/ change the system for a different future. It seems that the company is completely ok with explaining the procedure of the artificial processes of human development. The director explains to the students about the rapid production of humans known as the podsnap which has the ability to produce thousands of humans at once,then he continues to explain how the conditioning process don’t only prevent rebellion but it actually gets the embryos to really believe that they like their job rank and know that they can never change their fated job since it’s just futile to do the exact opposite. I don’t like how the method of conditioning is done to cause the children to have a instinct fear against certain products by electric shocking them repeatedly to hate the product and only like products that are allowed to their rank. I see that the point of conditioning is not only to shape each human to a rank but it is also to keep business running, to basically influence them to buy certain products to make profit. i found it weird that mentioning mother or father is actually considered as porn in this society which is ridiculous in my opinion……… So far I see that the conditioning method is basically repetitive and psychological damage to shape the children and society to fit their standards of living. I feel that this will become an unstable society soon. Children retain the most information so why does the conditioning process involve sexual erotic play which is forced upon them? I consider this society to be a horrible and corrupt dystopia. I feel this way because children should not be forced to participate in acts of vulgarity during the duration of their innocence. I find that Bernard can relate since he seems to be the only human that is a misfit since he can think for himself and find the community activities to be distasteful. Bernard seems to be slowly reversing the conditioning process since his insecurities about his size and rank is starting to show, he also tries to spend as much alone time as possible away from the society although this is considered illegal unless you are sleeping. They do this to everyone so that they can monitor everyone’s behavior to ensure that everyone is acting “proper” in their view of an ideal society which is pretty bizarre to me. For example the quote “orgy-porgy, ford and fun kiss the girls” was actually sung by Bernard while he was forced to participate in the weekly orgy in town which he seemed to hate. It was his way to make fun of the society and it’s weird ways since although they want “perfection” the world can not function steadily with out some type of release which I now understand why they infuse the conditioning process with sexual activities that they can express their feelings rather than keep it inside maybe??

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