The Machine Stops

In “The Machine Stops” by E.M Foster, we can find a lot of similarities to our today’s life.  This story was great to read, way easier to understand than the stories before. From the beginning, author clearly explains setting of the story. He makes sure to give a lot of clear details, to make it easier for us to imagine, like this one: “hexagonal in shape, like the cell of a bee”(pg1).

This text was first published in November 1909, which is unbelievable for me to imagine, since over a hundred years, and we can find so many similarities to our today’s world. When I was ten, which was fifteen years ago, it was rare that people had computers at their home, and now, in developed countries, it is not any more unique that most of people use them on daily basis. Technology evolved to the point where everyone uses it to “live”. In my opinion it is great thing, because it makes our life easier in many ways, but there are negative aspects of it too. Author wrote about a Vashti and son of her Kuno. He was trying to communicate with her, but the main idea was that he wanted to meet with her, in four eyes. She was afraid of leaving a place where she lived, and she was controlled by the Machine, and Vashti’s life was ruled by it.

Overall this story is kind of scary, because I know that most of us can’t leave home without our cell phone. Technology is taking over our life’s, and what comes with it, is that we lose person to person interactions. which in my opinion leads to the name of this story “The Machine Stops”. It indicates that the Machine literally stops communication between one another.               

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