OpenLab Assignment#1: What’s in a name? Robert Lo

My name is Robert.
I was born in an Asian country,
But my parents gave me a non-Asian name.
Rather a very common English, Western Hemisphere name.

I was wondering why as my brain filled with curiosity.
All my friends have a common Asian name and I was left out.
I felt like an outcast.

One day I asked my mother,
She said Robert is a name that serves greatness;
A prince in a shining armor.

When I was a child, I believed anything what my parents said.
‘Til then I just went along with it,
and never talk or question about the origins of my name.

It turns out the name Robert comes from Germany,
Derived from Hrodebert meaning “bright fame.”
A name from kings of France, Dukes of Normandy, and Scotland instead of princes.

This name was also incredibly famous during the Middle Ages.
Nowadays I don’t really care what my name serves, means, or how famous it is.
It is what it is, my name does not define who I am.

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