Assignments for Tuesday, February 19

In addition to your paper, please read this essay:

For the paper: You should write at least three FULL pages and no more than five. You may use either 10 or 12 point fonts but avoid fancy ones. Your margins should be one inch on all sides; there should be no spaces between paragraphs; the first line, left justified, should show your name; second line, my name; third line, course name and section; fourth line, date; fifth line, centered, title; sixth line, start of paper. Papers not following this form will not be graded and will not be counted as having been turned in.

The paper, a personal literacy narrative, should be built around the experience with reading or writing in your early years that you find most formative. Connect it to who you are now, explaining the cord between the two. Evaluate it: was it positive? Negative? Did it change you or confirm what you already knew about yourself? Start with a narrative of the experience and follow by evaluating it and its impact on the person you have become. Give as much detail as possible and include as much outrage or pleasure as you wish.

Hand the paper in digitally, sending it to me: In the subject line, include the class number and section as well as the assignment title.

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