2nd Assignment: Discourse Communities

People talking

In an op-ed of 750 to 800 words (no fewer than 600, no more than 1000), describe a community with its own way of looking at things and even its own vocabulary that you have been a part of and left or that you have joined. The group can be anything from a religious one to gamers or fans of a particular kind of music. You need to make a point about it, either positive or negative. And you should describe how its use of language either keeps people out or invites them in.

You will need to interview someone about this community and quote them. And read at least one scholarly article about it, also quoting from that.

In addition to the instructions for the last paper, remember to double space the paper. Also, please title it with your last name followed by the number 2. If you can, send me the paper as a Word file. I can use .pdf files, but Word is easier on me.

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