Kerning, Tracking, Leading

Typeface: Sans Serif

Font: Quicksand Regular

Size: 50 points



The transition between the first sentence and the second was the kerning. Although there might not seem like there is a huge difference, some words are spaced closed together, while in the second sentence each word is evenly spaced out. The letters that I found challenging were the ones that went over the baseline because I had to decide where to put them. When it came around to the second attempt, I was sure to kern each letter evenly and to make sure the letter touched the baseline.

One thought on “Kerning, Tracking, Leading

  1. Adriana Post author

    Im Shari Adriana’s critique partner I think I like her font ”Quicksand Regular” tracing papers its nice. Adriana need to work on kerning but the tracking is very good it shows connections betweens the group of words.


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