Banner Update and new Flyer

The banner is up and official on the site! I am very happy to see my own work to be on another person’s website. It feels like walking down the street and seeing an ad or banner that you created.

I also created a flyer for an upcoming campaign for a week in october, inside the school of Saint Johns. The point of the week is to dedicate it to marginalized students and show them that they have allies on campus who will push for their rights and safety.

Here is what the original flyer looked like,

Here is the new one I made,

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Flyer and Banner

Recently the founder of my internship requested that I create a banner of some sort for the home page. As well as a flyer for an upcoming Mental Illness Roundtable event. The reason I went with this approach for the flyer is because I wanted it to be as simple as possible. There also wasn’t too much information to work with so I added the images to give it some balance.

As for the banner, he originally had a banner with a low-resolution image of the NYC skyline. It was very bland, and cliche, so I went with a more eye appealing approach. 

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Remote Environment

Here is my work environment. The app, Group Me. I was invited to join the “SJE” group. We all communicate through here. There isn’t a specific place like a office or anything like that where we meet up in person. Whenever the founder of the site wants something to be worked on, he would either message me directly or in the group chat. As you can see in the screenshot, I sent a preview of how the pamphlet would look like. Someone else also sent their pamphlet as well.


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Social Justice Echange

“Social Justice Exchange is an attempt to create a place exclusively for students to not just discuss relevant issues but to engage in an exchange of knowledge. The Exchange will allow students to share info about relevant classes including lesson plans and reading material/other media, to share their own research and writings, and have a place to keep the movement for equality alive even when they can’t march in the streets.” – About

That is what the website is all about. That is the website that I intern for. My role will be to create ideas, generate new concepts, and design whatever they want me to do for the site. That includes banners, posters, business cards, pamphlets, and more. I discovered the site from after I typed in “Graphic Design Internship”. They emailed me back rather quickly and asked if I understood that the internship is unpaid. Like I said in my previous post, to apply further, I needed to suggest things for the site to improve it, and create a flyer using its mission statement + about. The owner loved it and offered me the position. Hopefully, this leads to another opportunity in the future.

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My First Internship!

The search for a graphic design internship was truly a grind. From Glassdoor to, to Indeed, even linked in, it wasn’t easy. After applying to what seemed like 5 new jobs a day, I finally find an ideal graphic design internship from Indeed. is the website I am officially interning with. It’s unpaid and mostly remote. It is also a startup run by college students. To be offered the position as their graphic designer, the founder asked if I had any suggestions for the site and if I could change a few things what would it be. I didn’t hold back and told him all the things that needed to be changed with honesty. As well as creating a flyer for them using their “About” information. The founder loved it and offered me the position. I was ecstatic and gladly accepted it. Going forward, I will be creating anything they want me to make in terms of graphic design. I’ve already designed a pamphlet and will continue to work on whatever is ahead.


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