Overall Experience

Overall, this semester has been a challenge but one that I will never forget. It was a semester that had virtually no breaks. I worked 5 days a week, (Mondays were the worst having school 8am-2pm then straight to work from 4-10). Not to mention the internship outside of all this, which was all remote so that worked out. The only times that I ever had to relax with no school or work were Thursdays (but that was the day my girlfriend and I would spend time so I still never really had time to do anything.)  The classes I had were, Internship, Publication for Designers, Interactive Animation and Information Graphics. Each of these classes had there own unique feel to them. Honestly, my favorite was Publication for Designers. Professor Eli had to have been my all-time favorite professor I ever had behind Prof. Davis. He’s such a cool, laid back, easy going dude who really appreciates good work and creative minds. He is also very good at giving feedback and is there when you need any help.

As far as this class goes (Internship), it was probably my least favorite. I’m not saying I didn’t like Prof. Goetz because she is a very likable and enthusiastic person, but compared to my other classes, it just wasn’t as exciting. Mostly due to the fact that my internship was bittersweet. It wasn’t very fun in my opinion, but it wasn’t that bad at the same time. I’m not saying I expected the class to be a breeze and super fun, of course it’s still work at the end of the day, but it just wasn’t the internship I was expecting going in. It was just okay. Working mostly online did benefit me a lot because of my schedule though, so I am very thankful for that.

Overall, I learned alot about my self and what I want to accomplish in life this semester. It was fun, and I made some new friends. Being one of the few people graduating in most of my classes felt pretty awesome and ahead of the game. I will never forget my wonderful time at City Tech. For someone who came into the school only because it was free, I can honestly say that being a Graphic Designer is what I want to be in life. Now it’s time to open a new chapter and see what destiny has in store for me. In which I will create for myself.

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