Working Remotely/Heavy Work Load

When I got the internship at SJE (Social Justice Exchange), I didn’t know what to expect. It was my first internship ever, so I didn’t know how it was going to be especially since I have two jobs, on top of 3 other classes. The fact that it was all online, was mostly beneficial to me.

Before the semester started and I saw needed to take internship, I was worried whether or not I would be able to find time to fit in the internship on top of all my other activities. Working remotely really took away a lot of stress because I could do the work from the convenience of my room. I would wake up, go to work or school, then when I got home, I would do my home work. What I usually like to do, is set specific days to do specific homework for certain classes. For example, I would set Wednesday after class, to do my homework for my monday classes (Interactive Animation and Internship). I work all weekend and after school monday, so I would work on Wednesday’s homework Tuesday morning. Then go to work that day from 4-10. The only day that I had any free time with no school or work, was Thursday’s (but I would use that day to spend time with my girlfriend so was it REALLY a day off? Haha, hope she doesn’t see this.)

One of the things that I didn’t really like about working all online was the fact that I would have to constantly communicate via online and not in person. I’m the person that prefers to speak in person. As well as seeing people’s reactions when they see my work. I rather see their initial facial expression then a reply of “Oh I really like it!”. I like to see if they’re being truthful or not. Another thing that I dislike about working remotely, is that I feel like I don’t have any guidance. Having too much freedom can feel like you don’t know exactly what to do in a sense. Also, I can get distracted more if I’m in my room with all that noise in the background and all the video games around me. Sometimes I wish that I would’ve been in a little office room strictly working on my stuff.

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