Cooper Hewitt Visit!

Prior to going to this musuem, I had no idea what to expect. I had a friend that told me it wasn’t just paintings and such. There’s sculptures, interactive things, and a cool music exhibit. So going into it, I was excited for this.

Drawing on the table was really cool and something I’ve never experienced before. It was weird creating a lamp or a hat.The piano was the favorite part of the whole museum, to be honest. Every key you pressed showed a circle on the screen go up in a certain color. I love the piano so I really enjoyed that.

This Mario thing was cool because I’m a big gamer. It showed the evolution of the plumber himself. Going from the 1981 classic “Donkey Kong” all the way to the Mario we know today. 8 Bit to 4k.

Joris Laarman Incoming Loan

This chair really caught my attention. Just by the way it’s designed, (does not look comfortable haha) its very appealing. It’s definitely a conversation piece for sure.

Joris Laarman Incoming Loan


This digital hundred dollar bill was created by a bunch of people, where each person drew something small in their section to finally create the 100 dollar bill.


The swinging chairs in the basement floor were fun as well! As well as the room where if you drew something on the table, the walls turn into a wallpaper of what you designed. I forgot to take pictures of these things, but overall it was a very cool experience.

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