Case Studies

Case Study 1-  Supernumerary Teeth and A Fistula


L/I loc II- 23 yrs. old Guyanese female. B/P- 116/80, P-80. ASA I. Patient presents with a supernumerary tooth in both the upper and lower right  quadrants distal to 3rd molars. Patient was given a referral to an oral surgeon for extraction 3rd molars due to position. Patient also presents with a 3×3 mm fistula on gingival tissue of tooth #3. Patient is aware and states it is asymptomatic and changes in size which I believe is due to the drainage of the fistula. Fistula may be associated with the recurrent decay on #3  revealed on her PAN. A referral was given for her to see an endodontist to have it evaluated. 


Case Study 2-  Tobacco Staining 

stainH/II- 34 yrs. old Caucasian male. B/P- 129/89, P-73. ASA II due to mild fear of the dental office. Pt has not been to the dentist in a little over 6 yrs and was a heavy cigarette smoker. He quit 1 yr ago and presented for stain removal. Patient had generalized inaccurate 1-3 mm probing depths due to calculus deposits, localized recession, and grade I furcation involvement on tooth #3 & #14. An FMS was recommended but patient refused. I removed the stain using a cavitron before I took a photo but it was just as heavy as the left side. Patient was very satisfied with my work in the end.